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What is a Learning Mentor?

A Learning Mentor provides support and guidance to pupils who may be experiencing challenges or concerns that can impact their learning and all aspects of school life. A Learning Mentor will work alongside teachers and pupils to enhance motivation, promote holistic development and create strategies to help pupils realise their full potential and raise their achievement. In addition, a Learning Mentor can assist parents and carers with a variety of concerns to support positive outcomes at home. All pupils can benefit from the opportunity to speak with a Learning Mentor as they offer a sympathetic ear to pupils and relate to a range of abilities and diverse backgrounds. Pupils may find it useful to talk to an adult who is not directly involved in their everyday lives. A Learning Mentor will regularly support pupils with; friendship, self-esteem, confidence and behaviour difficulties and promote the development of social skills which enable pupils to recognise, understand and manage their emotions. This will ultimately help pupils navigate through life events and challenges both in and out of school.

What strategies does a Learning Mentor use?

1:1 private mentoring sessions with a Learning Mentor to discuss problems and address how these may be overcome:

• All mentoring sessions are person specific therefore children’s hobbies or interests are incorporated within the process.

• Group mentoring session with activities that focus on areas such as; resilience, respect, self-esteem, and friendship.

• A whole school approach to highlight issues such as behaviour, bullying and attendance.

• Peer mentoring and buddy systems to promote kindness and problem solving.

• Liaison with parents/carers and external agencies/organisations where necessary.

• Advice and support about your child’s punctuality and attendance

How Can The Pastoral Team be Accessed?

To ensure the wellbeing and welfare of every pupil in the Trust, every school has a Pastoral referral process:

• Pupil Referral.

• School Referral.

• Parent/Carer Referral.

If a parent/carer, pupil, class teacher, or any member of staff within school feels they have a concern impacting their everyday life, a referral can be completed and passed on to the Pastoral Team. As a parent, you may refer your child after consultation with the Pastoral Team or a member of staff. A pupil can complete a Self-Referral Form confidentially or with the support of a teacher as the forms are accessible in every classroom in school. We encourage children to understand and be able to communicate their emotions and overcome barriers that are affecting their learning.

Where To Find Us

We are available to chat about issues or concerns you may have:

• On the playground before and after school.

• Pastoral Room

• Telephone the main School Office

Highfield School Learning Mentors

Mrs Tanner

Mrs Chapman

Telephone: 0121 647 1708


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