Late Children

Dear Parents,

The attendance department felt the need to write to all parents regarding children coming to school late and being picked up late. We have many children coming to school late in the morning and it seems to be increasing all the time which is not acceptable. Most of the reasons given are ‘we have overslept’ or ‘had transport issues’. The gates are closed at 8.55am so if you are late for school, you will have to exit via the main office (The Ponderosa).

When a child is late for school regularly this is how much time they miss over the year:

5 minutes late each day = 3 days lost
10 minutes late each day = 6.5 days lost
15 minutes late each day = 10 days lost Quite shocking isn’t it?
20 minutes late each day = 13 days lost
30 minutes late each day = 19 days lost

Things you can do to ensure you and your children are prepared for school so they are not late:

  • Ensure your child gets to bed early and you set an alarm to ensure they are up on time in the morning.
  • Get their uniforms and lunch box ready the night before.
  • Make sure you leave the house in plenty of time in case of transport issues and put your car keys where you can find them the night before.

Please also ensure you pick your children up promptly at 3.15pm. It can be very distressing for children when they are waiting in school to be collected.