Online Safety in the News 07/10/16

Our roundup of the key Online Safety news stories from the past two weeks.

Cyberbullying – what if it’s your child at fault?
It’s enough to set any parent’s heart racing. An urgent call from the school to say your child has been involved in cyberbullying. You want to know the name of the child who has dared to say anything hurtful about your son or daughter. Then horror as you discover your child is the bully.
Story from: The Guardian

Digital apprentice turns social media into power security tool
Social media is a powerful tool for engaging communities on the topic of cyber security and raising awareness, a young digital apprentice is demonstrating.
Story from: Computer Weekly

New version of Minecraft that’s just for learning will launch 1 November
When Microsoft bought developer Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5 billion in 2014, it also acquired MinecraftEdu. The company has been retooling and rebranding MinecraftEdu and plans to officially launch it as a new title on 1 November. Called Minecraft: Education Edition, it will feature enhanced maps with a coordinate system to help teachers and students navigate together.
Story from: Pocket Lint