Online Safety in the News 11/03/16

Our roundup of the key Online Safety news stories from the past two weeks.

Controversial 'online reputation' app Peeple launches
When news of the idea emerged last year, the app's creators, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, came under intense criticism as Peeple - accused of being 'Yelp for humans' - was feared to hold potential for cyber bullying and online defamation.
Story from: Research Live

Is the Internet of Things putting your child's privacy at risk?
From Hello Barbie to hacked baby monitors, privacy legislation can’t keep up with the increasingly Wi-Fi enabled world.
Story from: The Guardian

Kid-safe YouTube network launched by SuperAwesome
SuperAwesome, the digital engagement platform for kids, has launched its first kid-safe branded content on YouTube to enable advertisers to safely target the valuable family/kid creators segment of the video sharing platform.
Story from: The Drum