Mathematics Curriculum

We believe Mathematics helps us to make sense of our world, providing a precise means of communication using numbers, symbols and shapes.

At Highfield School our Numeracy aims for all of our children to:

  • Be enthusiastic and confident mathematicians.
  • Develop conceptual and practical understanding of Mathematics through a vibrant and challenging curriculum underpinned by the Primary Framework.
  • Develop pupils’ holistic view of maths, ensuing pupils can see, understand and articulate the relationships between different mathematical concepts.
  • Have fluent recall of core mathematical knowledge and skills.
  • Be taught the skills of using and applying through problem solving, representing, communication, reasoning and enquiry.

In Nursery and Reception teachers follow the Early Learning Goals of the Foundation Curriculum.  In Key Stage One and Two Mathematics is taught every day. Years one to year three children are taught Numeracy in small ability groups within their class. Year four to year six the children are in target groups. This allows work to be matched very carefully to the children's stage of development. Their progress is monitored regularly and children may move target groups according to their needs. All areas of using and applying are integrated within Numeracy lessons and embedded across the curriculum.

At Highfield School children are encouraged to communicate their findings orally, using jottings, by formal written methods and graphically. All children are taught the mental and written methods for their developmental stage and are encouraged to independently choose the best strategy to use to solve problems. Teachers use practical equipment, visual images and jotting as much as possible to enable children to visualise the maths they are doing.  Information technology is an important resource for mathematics and computers, iPods and iPads are used for data handling, investigative work and reinforcement of basic skills.

Even though Mathematics is taught as a discrete subject, we take every opportunity in Numeracy lessons and in other subject areas to use and apply mathematical principles and knowledge. This helps our children to see that mathematics is not a subject in isolation; it is taught in a real life context. Therefore, children at Highfield School are developing logical thinking through problem solving and investigative work. Initiatives including money week take place during the academic year to engage children in mathematics.