Ofsted Inspection Report

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was carried out in September 2014.
Ofsted rated our school as Inadequate.

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils:-

  • The school requires special measures.
  • Leaders and governors have failed to improve the school since the last inspection. They have not been rigorous in checking that planned improvements have resulted in better teaching or improved achievement.
  • The curriculum is inadequate. It does not provide pupils with a broad and rich range of learning experiences, especially in art and music.
  • Safeguarding is inadequate. The school’s arrangements do not meet statutory requirements.
  • Governance is inadequate. Governors do not have the knowledge or skills to fulfil their responsibilities. This weakness has seriously impeded the school’s progress.
  • Some pupils are inattentive in lessons, especially when teaching does not interest them.
  • Teaching is inadequate in Key Stages 1 and 2. Teachers do not have high enough expectations of pupils, especially the more able. Teaching does not build on what pupils already know, understand and can do.
  • Teachers’ assessment of pupils’ attainment is often inaccurate.
  • The school does not have a clear and consistent approach to the teaching of reading. This means that progress is slow for some pupils.
  • Teachers’ explanations in mathematics are sometimes confusing and inaccurate.
  • Achievement is inadequate. Attainment at the end of Key Stage 2 is below average in reading and mathematics. Progress in mathematics is inadequate. Mental calculation skills are weak.
  • The quality of teaching in the Reception classes is not consistently good.
  • The school has the following strengths:-
  • School leaders’ determination to promote fundamental British values is having a positive impact and pupils are benefiting from this focus. They are developing a good understanding of equality, democracy, tolerance and the importance of living within the law.
  • Pupils say that they enjoy coming to school and is reflected in improved attendance rates that are now close to the national average.


Read the full 2014 Ofsted inspection report.  


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